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Blog Post » We just upgraded cPanel
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General Support Forums
     I just want to say one thing!
     Image Test with BBcode and My images
     Welcome to PHP-Nuke Evolution Xtreme v3.0.1b
     PHP-Nuke Evolution Xtreme [3.0.x] Support Forum
     Welcome to My Nightmare
     The 86it Development Board
     Custom BBCode Development and Requests
     PHP-Nuke Evolution Xtreme Core Error Reports
     Module Members_List has a bunch of dipshitery going on!
     Forums admin database error
     PHP-Nuke Evolution Xtreme Developer Feedback
     Lonestar has gone ape-shit crazy!
     According to the Diff display you are insanely productive!
     The Groups Module looks like shit!
     viewtopic_whoview.php - flag
     viewtopic_whoview.php - currently not reflecting shit!
Modules Support Forums
     Modules Support
     This is the Module Support Forums
     Module Feature Requests
     Modules in Development
     Google Site Map Generator is now in development status.
     The Link Us Module is now in development status.
     How do I get this to update my XML with forums posts?
     Groups Module Information
Blocks Support Forums
     Blocks Support
     Blocks Feature Requests
     Blocks in Development
Programming Forums
     Video Tutorials
     How to Install SASS on Windows
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PHP-Nuke Titanium » User Profile » freekays
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PHP-Nuke Titanium » User Profile » tpb1220
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PHP-Nuke Titanium » User Profile » AlphaClient
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PHP-Nuke Titanium » User Profile » Jamilig
PHP-Nuke Titanium » User Profile » UniKCode
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PHP-Nuke Titanium » User Profile » Cerealkiller
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PHP-Nuke Titanium » User Profile » Shakey
PHP-Nuke Titanium » User Profile » Fargnoggel
PHP-Nuke Titanium » User Profile » Subita_Morte
PHP-Nuke Titanium » User Profile » Billy_Aaron
PHP-Nuke Titanium » User Profile » CodeBuzzard
PHP-Nuke Titanium » User Profile » TheWolf
PHP-Nuke Titanium » User Profile » TheGhost
PHP-Nuke Titanium » User Profile » ScottyBcoder
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PHP-Nuke Titanium » User Profile » WebMaster
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     Network Cemetery
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Network Disclaimer » About The 86it Developers Network  
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 86it Portal - PHP-Nuke Titanium v4.0.3   
 86it Portal - PHP-Nuke Evolution Xtreme v3.0.1b   
 86it Portal - The Groom Lake Facility   
 86it Portal - The 86it Developers Network   
 86it Portal - NukeScripts.Net™   
 86it Portal - TheGhost's Digs   
 86it Portal - The Joker's Digs   
 86it Portal - AlphaClient's Digs   
 86it Portal - nextgen's digs   
 86it Portal -   
 Module - Advertising v1.0b   
 Module - Arcade Tweaks Module v1.0 RC2   
 Module - Blog v1.0b   
 Module - Blog Archive v1.0b   
 Module - Blog Submit v1.0b   
 Module - Blog Top v1.0b   
 Module - Blog Topics v1.0b   
 Module - Bookmarks v1.0   
 Module - Cemetery v1.0   
 Module - CHANGELOG v1.0   
 Module - cPanel Login v0.1   
 Module - CSS Color Chart v5.4   
 Module - CSS Reference Chart v1.2   
 Module - Docs v1.0   
 Module - Donations v1.0   
 Module - ECalendar v1.0.0   
 Module - Evo User Block v1.0   
 Module - FAQ v1.0   
 Module - Feedback v1.0   
 Module - File Repository v1.0.0   
 Module - Forums v1.0   
 Module - Google-Site-Map v1.0   
 Module - Groups v1.5   
 Module - HTML News Letter v1.0   
 Module - HTML to PHP v1.0   
 Module - Image Repository v1.1.0   
 Module - Link Us v1.0.0   
 Module - Members List v2.0   
 Module - Loan Amortization v1.0   
 Module - Network Docs v1.0   
 Module - Network Advertising v1.0   
 Module - Network Projects v4.0.2   
 Module - NukeSentinel v2.6.04   
 Module - phpBB3 v3.3.8   
 Module - Private Messages v1.9   
 Module - Profile v1.1   
 Module - Proof Of God v1.0   
 Module - Q & A v1.0   
 Module - Recommend Us v1.2   
 Module - Reviews v1.2   
 Module - Search v1,0   
 Module - Shout Box v1.0   
 Module - Spambot Killer v2.0.0   
 Module - Statistics v1.0   
 Module - Surveys v1.0   
 Module - Titanium SandBox v4.0.2   
 Module - Web Links v1.1   
 Module - Your Account v1.0   
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 Mod - phpBB2 Forum Icon Mod v1.7   
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